In 2004, the Herbert Mahne Family Foundation awarded the Western Pennsylvania Hospital Foundation a grant for their Image Enhancement for Burn Survivors program. The program helps burn patients with scars enhance their physical appearance.

The grant supplied gift certificates to Burn Survivors to purchase image enhancing make up as part of the Kit. The Image Enhancement Kit, supplied by the International Association of Fire Fighters Burn Association included a booklet, a video and CD that explained how burn survivors could enhance their appearance.


In 2005, the Herbert Mahne Family Foundation awarded the The Burns Recovered Support Group Inc a grant for the purpose of supporting the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp for the summer of 2006.


In 2006, the Herbert Mahne Family Foundation was pleased to award The Saint Barnabus Burn Foundation a grant to purchase a portable bedside video game. The video game will provide sorely needed entertainment for the kids as they recuperate in the hospital. The days can be very long in the hospital. The game will be a welcome distraction.