Applicants must include all required information on the application for grant.

Deadline for Submission of Grant Request: October 1, 2024


1. A one-page cover letter that summarizes the project, the amount requested, and the time table for the project
2. A completed grant application; and
3. All attachments listed on the application form

The foundation will notify you if additional information is required for your grant application package. The foundation reserves the right to hold consideration of incomplete grant request until the next grant consideration date at the discretion of the foundation president.

Applications for grant should be delivered as Electronic delivery to the following address:


Applicants must submit one copy of the grant proposal. All proposals are limited to 10 pages. This page limit does not include required attachments.


Organizations receiving funds from the Herbert Mahne Family Foundation must provide a certified statement that the funds received from the foundation have been used for the purpose intended. This statement, that must be signed by the non-profit accounting firm and Chief Financial Officer, must be filed with the foundation no later than twelve months after the date such funds are awarded.